National Treasures

Below is a leader board of the top national treasures as agreed by consensus amongst visitors to this site. Please vote or add new entries using the form below.

What makes a national treasure?

The subject of what constitutes a National Treasure is hotly debated. Although there is universal agreement that the following are required for eligibility:
  • Person X must be a living UK national citizen
  • Person X must be a public person who has been famous in the UK for several years
  • The vast majority of the general public would whole-heartedly agree that Person X is an all-round good egg
Many would add some of the following to the list of crieteria
  • Has humility about themselves. They don't take themselves seriously and nobody else does either
  • Is well liked and popular with the press and the general public
  • Has a clean cut image. Unlikely to be involved in a scandal
  • Talented, and always tries hard but somehow doesn't ever attain first place
  • Embodies some aspect of British culture
  • Makes you proud to be British

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Current leaderboard

Votes ForVotes AgainstScore
Francisco Garcia de Paredes37241
Gary Linekar16118
David Attenborough17-115
Stephen Fry909
Queen Elizabeth II16-48
Judy Dench707
Tony Robinson707
Ant and Dec21-85
Michael Palin505
Craig Phillips7-15
John Simpson303
David Dimbleby303
Bill Odie303
Sir Isaac Newton303
Delia Smith303
Terry Wogan4-12
Terry Venebales202
Nick Park202
Mary Berry202
Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards202
Bruce Forsyth4-12
Tim Henman101
David Frost101
Sue Barker101
Ronnie Corbett101
Jeremy Paxman101
Michael Parkinson101
Michael Fish101
Nichols Cage101
Nicholas Parsons101
Philip Schofield2-10
Cliff Richard1-1-1
Nick Bateman1-1-1
John Peel6-4-2
Richard Madeley1-2-3
Tasmin Archer1-2-3
Judy Finnigan1-2-3
Adam Hart-Davies10-7-4
Boris Johnson2-4-6
Susan Boyle1-4-7