Downloadable Games

Here are some freeware games and tools I wrote a long time ago in Visual Basic for Windows. If you enjoy them please e-mail me or sign the guestbook to let me know. I'm afraid I don't have any time to do any more development on these right now.

To play them just download, unzip them and run the executable. If you are having difficulty running them you may need to install the Visual Basic runtime files . Or try running them in compatability mode. These were originally for Windows 95 but most should work in later operating systems up until Windows 8.

Dots and Boxes: Just like the original pen and paper game but this time you pit your wits against an intelligent computer opponent: Download 2.6 Or play new online version at
Ossisnake: Inspired by the mobile phone version of this classic game I have brought it to the PC Download 1.15
3D - Tictactoe It is also called Qubic and 3-D Naughts and crosses play against a friend or against your CP Download 2.41
Log Sailing: uses directX 7 to display not so awsome graphics. Its a simple fun game with a good story line : Download 1.2
Spit: the great card game we all used to and still do play. Now you can play against the computer: Download 0.82
Ossiracing: the simple but addictive direct X racing game, check out the stero sound: Download 1.1
n in a row: Play is on a square board the first person to get n in a row wins. You can set the rules to play connect 4, go-moku and tic-tac-toe.The game isn't quite finished. Download 0.61
Beans: A collection of various games involving beans. Rules of the games can be found on my friend Andrew Snowden's bean page. Only Bean2 implemented.. Download
Chomp: You take it in turns to eat chomps out of a chocolate bar but the person who finishes it first loses. A mathematically rich and interesting game you can play against a friend or the computer. Download 1.46
Su Doku Solver: Ever played Su Doku, that silly game in the Times? This solves it for you. Download 1.4
Alarm: A lightweight alarm clock/egg timer for cooking and making sure you don't miss TV programmes etc. Download 1.0